Morton & Furbish Agency

Serving The Rangeley Lakes Region Since 1899

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Welcome To The Rangeley Lakes

Morton & Furbish Agency, Rangeley, Maine - has been serving the Rangeley Lakes Region since 1899. Our office, on Main Street handles a wide selection of waterfront homes, vacation properties, ski and snowmobile properties, undeveloped land, and just about every type of real estate available in our area. We also own and operate Morton & Furbish Vacation Rentals, , A vacation rental agency that offers over 300 private home rentals around the area. We are all local agents that live, work, and support our community. Thank you for searching with Morton & Furbish!

RANGELEY, MAINE - "DownEast Magazine's #1 Place To Live In Maine - Winner 2016

trees in front of the lake in the middle of the mountains

lighthouse on the rocks