Nancy S Morton

Associate Broker | Morton & Furbish Real Estate

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Main Street, P.O. Box 1209
Rangeley, ME 04970

Email Phone: (207) 864-5777

About Nancy

Nancy married Scott Morton in 1972.  Nancy taught at Rangeley High School and later joined her husband in the insurance business.  They purchased the Furbish Agency in 1977 and hence the name Morton & Furbish Agency.  Nancy has three girls.  Beth, her first born, lives in Rangeley, has two girls and is married to James Eastlack.  They own Morton & Furbish Rental Agency and Jamie is co-owner of Morton & Furbish Real Estate Agency  Kelly lives in Rangeley along with her husband, Brad.  They have two girls.  Kelly and Brad own the Oquossoc Grocery and Brad also works for Morton & Furbish Insurance.  Allison and her husband, Chris, live in Brentwood, NH.  They have two children.  Allison worked at Morton & Furbish Agency and was one our top producer. 

Nancy is very passionate about the Rangeley area and has listed and sold real estate since 1983.  She resides in Rangeley from May through October and for the winter months is in Bonita Springs, FL.  Nancy's clients have consistently sought her advise and trusted her judgement in the purchase or sale of property in the Rangeley area.  Nancy prides herself in giving her clients the most precise and up-to-date feedback on the state of the market, its trends, comparable sales and property values, giving them a realistic outlook on what to expect!!